Alone time

Today was suppose to be a day for me to just relax with myself. I’ve always been the girl who has an entourage of people or was just never alone. That’s always been okay until I realized that I don’t always want to be with/around people. In high school, it was a sin to be alone, you would be doomed to social status declination. However when you get to college, that time becomes precious when you can just truly be yourself! You are free from judgements, foolishness, and anything that could hinder you from unleashing the world and becoming in tuned with yourself; your thoughts, feelings, fantasies, and dreams. Unfortunately that transition is not easy to go from being in the public eye 24/7 to being alone. Before you get to college, most kids, especially myself, were accounted for every second of ever day. Either it be to a parents/guardian, friend, or sibling; someone always knew where you were, what you were doing, and who you were doing it with. Yet when you get to college, you don’t have that person checking for you and naturally, we cling to others, but then you get that caretaker again. College is suppose to teach you responsibility, and I think not having someone checking for you is where some may get confused. I’ve chosen to cherish and really be alone. I’m not exactly sure where we got the idea the person sitting by them self in the corner is lonely, but I’ve concluded that they aren’t lonely.
I’ve said all this to say that being alone and being lonely are two completely different ideas and it is important every once in a while, to be alone! Whether it be to escape people or to simply be with yourself, take that time! Through my happiness project, I’ve learned that being alone is something hat makes me happy! It helps me to understand myself and do what I want without anything holding me back!


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