Authored Angioplasty

So are you, like,
super religious,
with all this?”
he flicked
his wrist
at the silver cross
my collarbone
but implied
with his eyes
than the metal resting
in the crevice
of my throat

“I don’t
wear a cape”
I answered, smiling,
an escape
he didn’t take.

You know what I mean.

Do I?
What does “super religious”
looks like?

Because, I
am a Cliff Note Christian
someone else’s summaries
are sufficient
to get the gist

Because, I
am a brimstone Christian
its “good enough”
to be
“good enough”
to escape the flames

Because I
am a sawdust Christian
quick to pick
at the bits
in the eyes of others
and blind to mine

But if you’re asking
if I punctuate in colons,
echoing sentiments
name – colon – number
or if I beat out rhythms
in thumb prints on…

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