Emotional Escape – tripartite soul

I told myself to make this page interesting and that I wouldn’t write about typical girl stuff like boys, love, and emotions. However, being that 1) I’m a combination of emotions in a blank brown bundle called a body; and 2) love and boys are the 2 topics I spend most of my life looking, talking, thinking and dreaming about; and 3) I am a girl, I kind of have nothing else fascinating to write about.
And I highly doubt that writing about the speed at which I can solve a crossword puzzle is amusing, especially since there are a million intelligent people in the world who are much faster and better. which secretly is the true reason why I took the timer off, but tell people it’s more fun the “leisure way.”
Anywho, I’m lying in my bed listening to Ross David pandora and after a long day of mediocre achievements, it dawned on me that I need a release. An escape of some sort. I wrote about space earlier and being in the predicament that I’m in is just the opposite of that.
So this segment of the Carrington P Diary is Emotional Escape, which is simply that.
I need an emotional escape!
I didn’t know that I was so bound up until I was hostile and furious for majority of my day and realized I had been praying to help refocus and get back on track with my life and project! The happiness project took a bit of a backseat to my worldly desires and emotions (boys and love). I was reverting back to my “old ways” which threw me completely off of making my “tripartite soul” happy and instead, just my appetite happy. Not to say I wasn’t happy, because it brought me pleasure and I must say that doing the “Nae Nae” did put a pretty smile on my face. However, that was only temporary happiness.
I say all this to say, going along with the need for space, there is also a time where we must take a moment to escape from our typical surroundings that bring these worldly temporary pleasures and tune into ourselves/emotions and soul. Because after all, others can affect our mood, but only internally can we eternally please our TRIPARTITE SOUL!


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