Freshman 15…In your junior year

So it’s my junior year in college, 4th semester (do the math later) and it realize that, my wardrobe is drastically different and it requires a little more work to put on my cute outfits that aren’t tight/revealing.

Why? Because I’m no longer an athlete and my exercise regiment has become super lackadaisical. And since those things have slipped up, so has my weight. Therefore, I’m 20, out of shape, and remembering that I could possibly get a serious case of lifelong diseases.

I’ve always been bigger than my friends( who were just underweight) but it was never a real disadvantage because I could carry it well. I still had my athleticism so no prob. We know that Muscle weighs more than fat, right? True. But when muscle and fat are together, they weight more than it all. #FACT.

Now I’m not an athlete. I’m just a regular college student and I’m in the freshman 15 struggle…in My junior academic year (4th semester).😕

Originally I was flabbergasted by the number on the scale. A number that no female wants to see at her feet, unless it’s money! I was so excited to be a normal student and not have to worry about weight, diets, workouts, practices, and any other typical athlete struggle! I neglected the fact that to live healthily (and in general) these factors were still something to consider. CONSIDER, not obsess over!

After going through the typical, “OMG I’m a fat single lady” stage of this realization that my health is in jeopardy, I laughed and ate a snickers!
(Not really but I want one). I did the “mature” thing and looked up successful/REASONABLE changes that I should make.

1) My exercise is fine as long as I’m getting 3-5 days in. And add variety! I HATE TRACKS AND TREADMILLS, but love running (distance & speed)!
My solution: just run! And when you walk in between, SCREAM a song, don’t sing it! Go for time or distance on an elliptical! Those things are legit trackers! mix up the paces often so you don’t think about it as much! MAKE IT YOUR OWN FUN!

2) Think before you eat! If it doesn’t go into one of the healthy food groups, TRACK IT! I mean monitor how much it is (serving size, amount etc)
And SUBSTITUTE! My school has an “attempted healthier variety” but not always tasteful! So I’ll start substituting a soup for that cheeseburger! Or a what sandwich for the pizza!

3) SNACK! I’m on a college budget so grocery shopping is not only for substance but for quantity! So instead of the $8 family size box of goldfish that will last me 2 weeks, I’ll get some$2 great value protein bars(variety flavors😉) with like 8 in a pack!
[math: $8/$2=4 packs*8 bars= a couples weeks worth of healthy! ]

4) DON’T compare myself to the other genetically skinny chicks! I was born hefty and healthy! I just have to keep it that way! And as God says: “I was fearfully and wonderfully made” and that was with purpose! Look towards Carrington for satisfaction, not others!

And when that doesn’t work, convince all your skinny friends to eat more junk! 😊 work smarter not harder!


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