This is the last week in February and it seems that God is telling me, “Congratulations baby girl, you made it through this month!”

Things I’ve accomplished:

  1. diet- lifestyle change START
  2. setting a new goal
  3. accomplishing an old one
  4. practicing self-control ( one step at a time)

Last weeks’ challenge involved me changing my eating habits completely and retraining my life to be smooth and organized. It might seem like a fairly simple task but not so much.  I went on appetite slicer; I only eat fruits, vegetables for 7 days. I know you think, that’s nothing, I do that every day, but I am a food extravagist! So going from no self-control to total self-control was super new to me. At times it seemed like my stomach tried to separate itself from my body. It ached, pulled, pushed, ran, and did all kinds of human like things but at the end of the week, when it was time that I could actually have a meal of substance, I didn’t even want it. I stuck to the “diet” and am slowly making it more of a “lifestyle change!” [Something I never thought of myself doing in my recently in my college life or being serious about for my future]

Have you ever tried a task thinking, “I’ll just do this temporarily,” but in the back of your mind knowing you “won’t stick with it” but you try it anyway, well that was me… Then turns out that in the short term that you did said task, it sticks with you. Welcome to my weekend! And my new stomach! I haven’t exactly measured myself with tape, but with clothes, I was very pleased!

It seems totally cliché to think that this one week could affect me but it was so encouraging and invigorating that I am excited to keep going. Or at least monitor. Plus the typical girl in me was super stoaked to try on a pair of summer shorts that fit beautifully on my college soccer body, fit nicely on my independent workout body. And I’m not even half way to where I intend to be by the time mid spring and pre-summer comes! My goal and new idea is to do different things that will not get so repeatedly boring. I love running, but hate tracks and treadmills. And a funny little coinky dink, I’m taking a beginners’ swim class, but I’m a lifeguard and swim instructor [and have been for the last 5 years]. Well two days a week I get graded to swim, and help other people learn to swim. In doing this, I have decided and embarked on a new goal, swimming a mile and doing a mini triatholon! I’m already up to 500 meters, and it’s such a tiring thing, but man does swimming make you feel super sexy! I mean a total body workout and you feel light while doing it, until you start nearing the end of you distance, and then it’s all mental and gets exciting when you realize what you’ve already accomplished! It was a new bragging right.

friend: what did you do today?

me: nothing much, class, class, class, swam a quarter of a mile, and now lunch! nothing big!

friend: ….speechless…

me: cool gal smirk!

More fuel to your fire!

With that new workout, when it was time to eat, I wasn’t going for taste, just substance1 and boy was my salad and soda good! [The challenge said nothing about drink restrictions, because I was not giving up my coffee or my soda! But I could stand to sacrifice the burger or the fried chicken.]

I also had a challenge buddy, and told my roommates about it, and they were surprised to see my groceries when I came back from shopping, and I thought it was interesting to see that not all healthy food was expensive! I mean of course it was more than a box of goldfish, but it lasts longer and taste just the same (kinda). I spent $20 on 2 weeks’ worth of meals I could eat in my room as opposed to $40 worth of junk that I would eat in half a week while watching tv! But it verifies the research Grechen Rubin did in her book, The Happiness Project, when you set a goal and accomplish it, it helps you to stick with your plans and continue to strive (paraphrased).

Nevertheless, lately it has been back on track for prayer, focus and accomplishment. PFA!  Plans work best when do some sort of PFA!


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