No Diggity

As I lay in bed a couple nights ago goin through music while my roommate kept me up trying to insight some last minute work, I perused YouTube for some good music and I had the urge to listen to some GOOD music. Nothing too slow, nothing too fast, something I could groove to. And low and behold, No Diggity- Black street Was a suggestion. I didn’t realize how much I loved that song or music from that era until that night. I’ve been jamming out to the GOOD music ever since. If modern day clubs and parties played music like that, I think we wouldn’t be called the lost generation anymore! That era had soul and groove, pop and excitement in it! It’s hard to stand around in a club when JUMP AROUND comes on! Nearly impossible! If I could go back in time, I would definitely be ICE ICE BABY! 😎🎶📰y



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