A Bright Side at 20

My senior year was crazy! I used to wake up at 4 am to run with my parents, 5-6 miles, and then go to school, comp cheer practice, and then work until 11 pm that night just to do the same thing again Wednesday and friday (Tuesday and Thursday we didn’t run). And I could run for days! Then I went away to school just to walk in a soccer team that kept me in shape just as much as the running and insanity I did that summer.
However, 2 years later I still have that same love for running, but since I took a semester off of sports training to be a student and my body is about 20 years older than my biological age! I’ve been really excited about loosing weight and getting into good shape just for my health, and eventually a marathon and triathlon and I guess you could say I’m in a pre-adult-life crisis. Though my body is changing, that 3.5 miles we just ran kicked my butt! Which is incredibly crazy to me. My mother is actually twice my age and some, and she just MURDERED that run, same with my father! Both have significant disabilities and aged bodies, yet they can run like teenagers! And here I am, just getting out of my teens, and I’m struggling! However, I’m not mad or jealous, in a way I’m actually happy and excited! Aside from being super proud if my parents who still behave as if they are 16 physically, it’s their love for health and exercise that keeps them moving! And I’m also happy that it gives me motivation and encouragement! Here I am thinking that if I’m smaller I’ll be able to do more, but it’s not the SIZE that matters, it’s what you can do!
I worked a triathlon this weekend and the youngest person was 38, the oldest was, get this, 65! And he competed both days! James D. swam 1.5 miles, biked 40, and ran 12.5 miles in 2 days, (he competed both days and that’s his total)! He’s 65! That’s amazing! My parents are somewhere floating around in the late 40’s and they are training for their second marathon!
I know it’s nothing to those who do this stuff normally, but it’s encouraging to know as a “retired athlete” that just because you aren’t on a specific team or competing for a national title, no matter what age, body type, or disability, you can still live like you’re young!

I’m sorry it’s so hard to see, but this is from the boat I sat in as I lifeguard for the triathlon! You can almost see James D. in the yellow swim cap!


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