Catching up

Cliche title I agree. But it fit the occasion seeing as it’s been about 3-4 months since I’ve posted my own words.

This summer was life changing and seemed endless. And school hit the ground in a full on Hosain Bolt. I don’t think it actually hit the ground, more like slid into it full force.

In brief because I’m not getting somewhat of a routine but not enough to write ALL that is going on, here’s my life since we’ve last been truly together…

May 15- left for the most evolutionary summer ever in Riverside,Tx for training as a Camp Counselor at Carolina Creek Christian Camp

June 1- the campers started coming, and coming and coming and coming

July1- counselors and best friends left but campers kept coming and coming and coming again

August 1- down to the few, the proud, the dedicated and “called” counselors for retreat season start with, you guessed it, MORE CAMPERS

August 18- I’m home in my comfort and starting to adjust to life in “the world”

August 24- leave for my new school, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

August 27- classes start

September 1- 10 -hired at Grub Burger Bar & later at UL Aquatics

October 1- started back breathing

I can’t wait to dive into the details of the last 5 months! But it’ll have to wait until after work! I love and miss you all.

Til next time,
Carrington P


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