Panic @ the Disco

I got a new computer to update and blog more and to watch videos and text my friends in class (mainly to text my friends in class). SO there will be a wave of new posts about the things I have been observing in my recent adventures in life.

Tonight, I’m going to go HAM discussing the Panic @ the Disco’s Brendan Urie (BAE #7). YALLLLLLLLL!!!!! Listen to “Death of a Bachelor”and if you are not in mad love and dancing around the room or shaking your tail feather all up and thought traffic, I will buy you Starbucks and listen to how much you hated it. But I strongly doubt it. Between Bruno Mars’ album 24K,  P!ATD’s Death of a Bachelor, and Ed Sheeran’s Divide, I am LIVING for the men in pop-RnB-goldenage-hiphop-wetmypants genre! Not only are the beats just life giving and sexy, these men are SANGIN CHILE and I mean all of them.

Bruno Mars was always making music specifically for me but this album confirms that our relationship is no longer between me, myself, and my dreams; its all over the musical sheets our of kingsize bedroom. His soul is ripping and running all through the songs and his lyrics are touching me in places I think only God belongs. Not only is his music doing something to my inner feminine biology, but its also loving me. Not like sexually but for me,”Versace” is a call to the beauty in me that only my husband will see, but I get to radiate that all through my day while not baring a single part of my body. And as a woman where passion ranks top 3 traits in my soulmate, this album lets me know Brunie was definitely singing to my 1980’s soul.

Am I the only one who hardcore wished I was born in the mid to late 1900’s where RnB was soulful Rhythm and Blues and the women were beautiful in the way the make you want to sing songs about their beauty and sexuality, not just there body’s. I want to take many notes from Buhnessa (Vanessa ((mommy)), Whitney Houston and everywoman on the Cosby show that had a beauty about them that will never be regained. Their beauty, along with like majority of woman over 40, belongs in a see-though box to never be opened but viewed through precious glass, like in the Smithsonian exhibit. I know the economy and social standing of USA were less than perfect but that era, for. me, seems to be when the epitome of black womanhood got its full ‘fro status and just flourished.

Now P!ATD has this mix of Frank Sinatra, JT, Micheal Bubble, and Machine Gun Kelly, an odd mix yes but imagine this mystery man… enter Brendan Urie! He can…. (excuse me while I eat tub of ice cream).

Death of a Bachelor is that perfect mix of humor and fun in such a tragedy that is all single women losing Sir Urie to his wife Sarah. I honestly got depressed when I heard that death of a bachelor was actually a wedding song because he was really getting married. That proves to me that though I was extremely late discovering his everythingness, his song was his way of saying “Okay Carrington, I think I might marry her; but I will always love you. My rose in field of daisies, Just say the word and I’m yours” And my response being “Brendan, BABY! ” ( baby=the word). Its so Great Gatsby-esque!!!! Before I saw the music video, I honestly pictured him like Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls singing to Jaimie Foxx, I was like YESSS BRENDAN! you better! In my mind he was singing in his suit, trying to make me stop and listen to him spill his heat before I walked out with Michel B Jordan. He was singing so passionately and I would turn and look in shock like O_O. And you better believe, I stopped did in my tracks to hear him out. (I still left with MBJ but at least I got a beautiful song and view before I left).

Ed has ONE MO’GIN to produce a song where I forget he’s a white boy from the motherland. That boy sang like  he was trying to serenade Alicia Keys. Have y’all heard DIVE? whooooo, HUHNEY! His whole album in about loving of a woman, her body and her personhood, and his passion for singing songs with meaning and doing his part contributing to society! Am I the only one hearing wedding bells? The beats are electric, I can’t listen to majority of songs on that album without swaying or bouncing my chest like I’m chest bumping a bass drum.

Ed Sheeran is actually singing my dreams. Ed’s  album is a elongated and detailed version of  Lauryn Hill’s  “Killing me softly.” There is one girl and this young man is singing his heart out to her hoping she’ll listen then say, “OH Eddie!” as she romantically falls into his arms and he puts flower into her ‘fro and they kiss passionately into their wedding day (You’re welcome for the video idea 😉 ).

Well, I should stop because its 2 Hours from Sunday and I need to start repenting for the all the single ladies who listened to these beaus. <B


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