You’ve angered the Queen.

Why THE ABSOLUTE HELL do you have the nerve to make me the punch line of a joke, THAT I SET UP! This whole establishment LAUGHS AT ME, ME! Because I met a man named Nick, and believe that the chances of US being together are possible because GOD can do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, and HE’S on my side! (God said there’s a “NICK” just for you. NICK is the name GOD game to me. The one I met 5 minutes later in a chance encounter just happened to be a pro football player). So yes, I have BIG DREAMS and fantasies and believe them. Why!? Because the man who makes DREAMS become REALITY is MY GOD. Because of the STRENGTH and VIGOR GOD has given me! Because when GOD says yes, it’s mine, that’s for you, that IS you, I BELIEVE HIM! Because when GOD made queens like me, he wasn’t stopped by SOCIAL/CULTURAL/ WORLDY “boundaries” like color, hierarchy, location, or type. GOD WASN’T STOPPED AT ALL! I AM NOT STOPPED AT ALL! SO FORGET YOU PETTY CRABS! forget you for thinking that it’s okay to make fun of the QUEEN for her dreams! For trying to lower my esteem because you think IM A MESS. For trying to deter me because of the boundaries YOU HAVE. For honestly believing you have the room to talk down on someone who looks down on you! I AM THE QUEEN BITCH, BOW DOWN! 
You MUST not know who I am! 
Allow me to show you. 
So while you continue to poke fun on “little jokes and dreams and fantasies”…. I’m out here working! Making those fantasies and dreams REALITY! 
Im out here SHOWING you the queen I am, while you reflect and decide for yourself that I have ALWAYS been ABOVE you. You were blind enough to think you were eye level or above, when in actuality, you were only looking at the path of the woman I AM! 


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